Five Fun Facts About the Vagina

Vaginas. Ain't they grand?
Vaginas. Ain’t they grand?

We all know vaginas are pretty amazing and about half of all people have them. They look great, they feel great and THEY PUSH OUT HUMAN BABIES. But are you aware of these little-known facts about the vag?

1. Vaginas and sharks have something in common, besides their love of surfers. Both contain a substance called squalene, which is found in shark livers and serves as a vaginal lubricant.

2. The vagina has a PH balance of 4, just like tomatoes, wine and beer. That’s why it’s so delicious.

3. The very first film in which the word “vagina” was featured was Disney’s The Story of Menstruationwhich came out back in 1946. Of course, it’s possible Donald Duck said it before, but no one can understand anything that comes out of his mouth.

4. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, while the penis has a mere 4,000. Reason #375 why Freud can suck it. It’s also a lot bigger than people often think, but like an iceberg, most of its bulk is hidden from view. Also like an iceberg, if struck too hard, it will sink your Titanic. [Edit: Hey nerds, although the clitoris is mostly an external organ and is generally considered part of the vulva, research indicates that clitoral tissue does extend into the anterior roof of the vagina.]

5. Contrary to popular belief, having a baby will not “stretch out” your vagina. A 1996 study found no statistical difference in average vaginal size between those who had children and those who didn’t. Basically, it’s the one thing in your house your kids won’t destroy.

Pretty amazing stuff, right? Yeah, vaginas rule.

If you have an interesting vaginal factoid to share, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Lee, this article, although brief, (I wanted more!) was chock full of things I didn’t know! I can definitely understand why you and Jenny are partners-you are both talented writers with humor and knowledge. I can see these being compiled into a book at some point!!!!!

  2. Christine Monteith Dunlop
    Christine Monteith Dunlop says:

    Pleasurable and stimulating!!! To the mind to the mind, unlike the oven and the vagina your minds definitely are not self cleaning!!! Great article!!!


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