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Ask A Family Doctor

For this edition of our Ask A… series, Two Doulas is picking the juicy brain of Hannah Shenker, a family doctor delivering babies and caring for families here in Montreal.

Ask A Doula

Heather Collins is the newest member of the team so in true Two Doulas style, she has agreed to do an Ask A…interview. How would you describe your job in just one sentence? I provide emotional, physical and informational support to families as they navigate the intense, joyful but sometimes overwhelming journey through pregnancy, birth […]

The Two Doulas Guide to Breast Pumps

Breast pumps. Two words you likely never uddered before you got pregnant. (Yes, that was a terrible pun. Sorry not sorry.) Now that you’re growing a baby – or you’ve just brought home a fresh one – those two little words are featured rather prominently in your vocabulary, amirite? But, what’s the deal with breast […]

Winter Is Coming

BRACE YOURSELF. Two days ago I woke up to a world transformed by snow. It really shouldn’t surprise me; I was born in Canada and have lived here my whole life. And yet, every year I am caught off guard by the first snowfall. My husband rushed out before dawn, cursing all the way, to get […]

Five Fun Facts About the Vagina

We all know vaginas are pretty amazing and about half of all people have them. They look great, they feel great and THEY PUSH OUT HUMAN BABIES. But are you aware of these little-known facts about the vag? 1. Vaginas and sharks have something in common, besides their love of surfers. Both contain a substance called squalene, […]